Our Philosophy – We Believe In:

All programs offered are guided by the philosophy of the Centre. The philosophy has been developed by staff in conjunction with parents of the Centre. The philosophy is reviewed regularly to reflect the Centre’s current users.

How children learn and acquire new skills:

- The centre provides a play based curriculum in line with the Early Years Learning Framework, where programs reflect children’s needs, interests and strengths so that they are actively involved in their learning. There is a strong emphasis on the concepts of Belonging, Being and Becoming.
- The development of self esteem, well being and a positive self image is of prime importance in developing a sense of belonging. We believe in imparting a sense of confidence and competence as well as a sense of joy and wonder in life and learning.
- Each child is valued as a unique individual with a right to self expression.
- Children are given choices, and are able to participate in a variety of experiences, including opportunities to learn about themselves and the world around them. They have time to advance their learning by exploring, repeating activities, and to experience meaningful interactions with educators and children.
- We believe in providing a safe, relaxed and inclusive environment that is rich in a variety of challenges and materials
- Children have opportunities to solve problems, make decisions, experience success and in turn achieve a sense of empowerment.

Family involvement:

- Families know their child/ren best and are the most important influence in the child’s life, and where we can learn the most about their child.
- We foster and develop positive relationships with families, enabling us to work collaboratively, supporting the continuity of care, thus enhancing the child’s wellbeing and progress.
- Family involvement and participation are encouraged and valued.

Educator’s role in children’s learning:

- We spend time getting to know each child, developing trust, enabling the child to feel safe and secure.
- Each child is valued as an individual, regardless of the child’s diverse abilities, social, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. We view children as capable and competent learners who have the ability to take an active role in their own learning and development.
- recognise that the physical environment and teaching interactions play a critical role in the developing child.
- We view our roles as educators as supportive, facilitating and extending each child’s interests promoting their exploration of life.
- Professional development plays an important role in ensuring that educator’s knowledge is current and up to date.
- The Centre’s programs are most reflective of the Emergent Curriculum, however draw from a range of theorists on early childhood education.

Our role within the wider community:

- We are a unique service in the community in that we are able to offer both quality Childcare facilities as well as a strong and independent Kindergarten program, enabling parents the flexibility to utilise both services.
- We play an important role within families’ lives, providing resources reflective and supportive of their needs.
- We have a role in educating children about sustainable practices and as a Centre making choices that care for our environment.